Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Simple Life

For those of you who like to pass the lazy days of summer with some light literature, we're proud to offer you two sources of summer reading that are easier to digest than the "articles" in Us Weekly.

First off, the winner of this year's Faux Faulkner Contest, a short story called "The Administration and the Fury." It's an excellent recreation of Faulkner's stories of idiotic man-children, this one featuring a president named Georgie. (Thanks to Tbogg.)

Second, a tale with a central character who has the same level of intelligence, the Hulk's Blog. Or as Hulk call it, "Hulk's Diary That Is On the Internet." (Thanks to Kung Fu Monkey.)


1 comment:

Thrillhous said...

One of those links insults my intelligence, but I can't tell which one.