Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Random Ten

Alright, folks, it's Friday. You know the drill.

1. The Replacements, "Cruella de Ville" -- There's something perverse about the Mats covering a Disney song. 7/10

2. Black Keys, "Have Love, Will Travel" -- Yeah, yeah, it's been used in a bad truck commercial. But still an excellent song. 8/10

3. The Arcade Fire, "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" -- Just saw Death Cab for Cutie in NYC tonight. Man, I'd love to catch Arcade Fire too. Phenomenal work. 9/10

4. William Shatner, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" -- The beauty of this song is that Captain Kirk is apparently on LSD as he records this. 8/10

5. Irma Thomas, "Time is on My Side" -- Beautiful, beautiful cover. I can't listen to the Stones version anymore, this soul twist is so great. 9/10

6. De La Soul, "Keepin' the Faith" -- One of my favorite hiphop bands, but one of their lesser works. 6/10

7. Wanda Jackson, "Riot in Cell Block #9" -- Great old rockabilly song about a riot in a women's prison. Jackson later appeared in Budweiser ads with Brian Setzer as the "Guitar Granny." 9/10

8. Ramones, "Happy Birthday, Mr. Burns!" -- Just 23 seconds long, but a nice little Simpsons clip. 6/10

9. The Velvet Underground, "Who Loves the Sun" -- Sounds nothing like the rest of their work, and it somehow still works. 8/10

10. Urge Overkill, "Positive Bleeding" -- An old favorite band of mine, with a late recording. Nice, embrace-the-irony rock. 8/10

Alright, that gives me a straight 8.0 on the coolness meter, right between Floyd the Barber and Pink Floyd.

Please feel free to drop your own random ten in the comments, with or without the coolness self-audit.


Yossarian said...

1, Ghost-riders In The Sky - Burl Ives - Imagine Burl singing another morality song, like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, except, with cowboys, ghosts and demon horses AND it's still not cool. 3/10

2. Wounded Horse - XTC - Bitter angry lyrics ( "Well I bit out my own tongue like a wounded horse" ) from a pompous british band - what more in life would I want? 8/10

3. Christmas Song - Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - One the worst winter holiday songs ever (and I am including Kwanzaa, Tete, Chanukah ). 2/10

4, Outta Me Onto You - Ani DiFranco - Angry bisexual folk music that ROCKS! 10/10

5. Don't Panic - Coldplay - Blah blah blah blah - it's coldpay again. 7/10

6. A New England - Billy Bragg - Angry heterosexual folk music that that ROCK! 10/10

7. Work Song - Cannonball Adderley - Before there was funk, there was Cannonball. 8/10

8. Fly By Night - Rush - Rock from the great white north two octaves higher than ever it should be. AHHH SALESMAN 7/10

9. Wild Horses - Elvis Costello/Lucinda Williams - This is from a CMT Crossroads recording. Great cover of a great tune. 10/10

10. These Days - Nico - From the "Royal Tenebaum" soundtrack. Great for this movie, not much else though. 6/10

InanimateCarbonRod said...

Yossarian way cool shoutout for Cannonball Adderly -- the man so cool that Miles Davis played backup for him. You lose some points quoting Spirit of the Radio during Fly By Night, but only from Rush fans.

1) The Shining - Badly Drawn Boy. I swear that I only have like three songs by these guys, but they keep popping up on this stuff. Sheesh. 6/10

2) The Move - Boom Bip. It's got a nice beat, and I can dance to it. 6/10

3) Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme - Schooly D. Meatwad makes the money, see? Or something like that. I've heard this a million times and I still don't understand the lyrics. That doesn't stop me from giving this a 10/10.

4) One Evening - Feist. The free iTunes downloads come out in force today. For free this ain't bad, though they try a little hard to get that cool groove going 5/10

5) Untitled 1 - Songs: Ohia. Now this is what the internets were invented for. Songs: Ohia is a band I would have overlooked because of the lame name. Ditto its spawn Magnolia Electric Company. But these are some effing awesome work - moody, southern-tinged rock. The song is a good one, too 8/10

6) Club Foot - Kasabian. Another free iTunes song. The descriptions they give the songs sure are appealing. This is a great song to put on a soundtrack, but not so great to listen to without an emotional attachment. 5/10

7) A Bit of Arson Never Hurt Anyone - Matson Jones. Low-fi indie chick rock. Some bisexuality might help it out a bit. 5/10

8) Baby C'mon - Stephen Malkmus. Great single off his OK third album. Pavement lives. 8/10

9) I Want to Live in a Dream - Clearlake. It's probably not PC to say this, but this song is totally gay. 1/10

10) Spirit Journey - Shake & Zakk Wylde. Now this is how to get pumped up for the weekend! Another ATHF classic, Shake's version of this song isn't quite as good as Matt Maiellaro's, but I'm still giving it a 10/10.

Yossarian said...

Rod - the album "Something Else" was supposed to be released by Miles Davis, but due to a contract hold up, he decided to to put it out under one of his sidemen's name - Cannonball.

Also I have been burned more times than I care to admit by free iTunes downloads.

Otto Man said...

I'll support the Cannonball Adderly shout-out. "Walk Tall" is one of my favorite songs -- not just for the music, but for the opening speech. "There's a lot of funny stuff goin' on in this ghetto, but you gotta walk tall, walk tall, walk tall!"

Otto Man said...

So much knowledge from Yos. I'm starting to think he's Jonathan Lipnicki from "Jerry Maguire." How much did Adderly's head weigh?

TravisG said...

I found that Wanda Jackson song the other day. Love it.

Malibu Stacy said...

Hey folks, happy to add mine in here. Don't have the good weekend kickoff of last week's "Burn One Down" but not a bad list all the same....

1. Polyester Bride (Liz Phair)
And thus continues our discussion of Liz Phair ("Yeah, she sort of sold out but man, she's hot and made kickass music before...")

2. The Distance (Cake)
I have a special place in my heart for Cake. Not sure why but any group that can turn Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive' into a good rock song has to deserve something, no?

3. Fighting in a Sack (The Shins)
A pretty good song by the Shins... they end up here every week but I really only have the one album on here.

4. The Negotiation Limerick File (Beastie Boys)
There is nothing like the Beasties. I don't care if they are 40 years old now...

5. Tender (Blur)
I would like to go on record saying I was a blur fan long before they came out with Song 2. Saw them in highschool with Elastica and Our Lady Peace. I'm so hardcore...

6. 2+2=5 The Lukewarm (Radiohead)
You can never go wrong with Radiohead

7. Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Yes!! I have joined the list of us who have added the man in black to the FRT.

8. How Soon is Now? (The Smiths)
Fantastic song by the Smiths

9. 99 Problems (JayZ)
So happy this ended up's not a bad one to kick off the weekend.

10. Web In Front (Archers of Loaf)
A nice finish - a great band from Chapel Hill...good guitar in this one.

Have a good one, folks.

Yossarian said...

Malibu - What was the best band that night - Blur, Elastica, or (yet another Canadian Band) Our Lady Peace? And Who headlined that show?

Otto - Cannonball Adderley's head weighed 9.6 pounds - he was a big man ( hence the name Cannonball)

Malibu Stacy said...

Yos - hard to say who was the best, but I think since I was a young girl smitten with the lead singer of OLP, I originally thought they were the best. Looking at it now with my newfound maturity (ahem...), I think I could safely say Blur. Elastica had the vote from the guys in the audience of course...

Studiodave said...

1. Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis
2. Friend of Mine - North Miss All Stars
3. Six ways from Sunday - Mofro
4. Conspiracy - Black Crows
5. Throughout All Time - Dwight Yoakham
6. Skeleton on Display = Now It's Overhead
7. Honestly OK - Dido
8. Evaporated - Ben Folds Five
9. Can't knock the hustle - Jay Z(or Jay Zed for our neighbors to the north.)
10. Wiser Time - Black Crows

Not bad.

Otto Man said...

Well done, Studio. Is Mofro the giant moth from the Godzilla movies? Man, that guy's versatile.

alex supertramp said...

1. one more cup of coffee - the white stripes - so yeah - these guys are fun, but way too much hype, and with such an amazing Dylan tune, try as they might they couldn't fuck it up. 7/10

2. sex weed - r. kelly - girl, your shit is the chronic - he is a goofy, arrogant bastard with lame lyrics and a pathetic fascination with teenage girls but damn the man lays the shit down, "girl you got that bomb shit, sex so good it gets me high...." yeah 7/10.

3. closet freak - cee lo green - he might be talking about r. kelly, but I don't think so, "yes ya'll there's a freak in all of us" but none as freaky as you, you freaky funky chunky monkey.... 7/10

4. verandi - bjork - I have to be int eh right mood to listen to bjork, I'm not right now....5/10

5.the art of driving - black box recorder - oh art rock, "you are quite precocious ... you've been taking things too far/who do you think you are" .. I should hate these guys but I love 'em. 8/10

6. patty - half japanese -
the sing-songy lof-fi punk minded stalwarts half japanese put out yet another great recording and some great rocking songs to augment the sloppy sincerity, truly the band that would be king. 8/10 (extra points just for being half japanese even after losing key member, brother david)

7. silent films - her space holiday - marc bianchi makes amazing guitar based electronica pop that is custom made for copious amount of drug use, and that my friends rocks, (in a hazy pop sort of way). 8/10

8. same day - j mascis & the fog - so yeah i love all things dinosaur jr but REALLY love j, erratic weirdo that he is, he makes amazing ear-bleeding country and for that he is god, or some bizarre facsimile there-of or in depending on something or other ...8/10

9. anesthesia (live)- luna -- an amazing band that sadly recently called it quits. building on the framework of the lo-fi mellow psychedelia of Galaxie 500 dean wareham has made consistently superior pop music that went widely unnoticed even with extensive critical acclaim --- plus he has an amazing sense of humor and the addition of the smoking hot and quite talented Britta Phillips. 9/10

10. cripple creek - mark lanegan -- not exactly the right tune to kick off the weekend (unless of course you want to shoot a bunch of heroin and chase it with wayyyyy too much bourbon and maybe a little meth for good measure). I actually ache listening to this -fuck me, langegan is awesome. 10/10

InanimateCarbonRod said...


alex supertramp said...

i think studio dave meant dildo -- as in I'm such a wanker I'm gonna go shove this dildo up my ass ....Just kidding, I must admit I have both Dido albums and while purchased for my girl I do enjoy a number of cuts off of both - plus music is beauty in the eye of the beholder, and my shite just might be your ramones, or at least your studio dave keep on wanking on.....

Otto Man said...

J Mascis and Half Jap? Didn't I room with you in college?

alex supertramp said...

otto -- I don't think so (of course the college days are a bit hazy) but there was that one amazingly magical night of breathless ecstasy and unbridled erotic adventure (or was that unbridled ecstasy use and autoerotic asphyxiation???) – I can’t remember if it was otto or ozzy???

Otto Man said...

Yeah, that sounds like Ozzy.