Thursday, August 18, 2005

For the kid who has nothing

I really should have started drinking earlier.
Kidsbeer, a nonalcoholic brew aimed at children, is catching on with young drinkers and is posting monthly shipments of 75,000 bottles, according to maker Tomomasu Co.
via boingboing


Otto Man said...

Awesome. Six-year-olds with beer bellies.

Orendon said...

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ORF said...

STOP IT!!!! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!! This is so totally a joke, right??? How disgusting!

I spent a summer waitressing and had this 11-year-old kid that would come in all the time and pester me to sell him non-alcoholic beer. Which you cannot do because it DOES actually have a tiny bit of alcohol in it.

Otto Man said...

There's a whole websote devoted to just one Used Auto Part? Talk about your niche marketing.