Friday, August 05, 2005

Rancho Relaxo

As we all know, presidenting is "hard work." Luckily, President Bush has once again been able to find refuge down at his Crawford Ranch (est. 1999, "Ask About Our Authentic Old West Heritage!"). Not only is this his 50th vacation since becoming president, it's also set to be the single longest presidential vacation in over 36 years.

While some of you -- communists, mostly -- might mock the president for spending one out of every five days of his presidency on vacation, I think it's important to remember that the man has problems. According to this AP-Ipsos poll, Bush's approval ratings are in the toilet. 47% approve of his handling of Iraq, 41% of his handling of the economy, and 37% on domestic issues. His overall approval-disapproval ratings are 42%-55%. (For comparison, at this point in their second terms, Reagan and Clinton were both about 25 points higher in the approval ratings.)

And things are only likely to get worse. The death tolls in Iraq have reached tragic proportions. Gas prices are soaring and the housing bubble is about to burst. And if the meltdown of Novakula on CNN is any indication, Rovegate is reaching a boiling point.

So I say, Mr. President, enjoy your time down at the ranch. Take a bubble bath, have a hot fudge sundae, get that masseur who flunked out of Mexcian med school -- whatever. As I said to Dolores Montenegro in Calling All Quakers, "Have it your way, Baby!"


Thrillhous said...

Phil Hartman, RIP.

Novacula -- you're killing me!

Otto Man said...

Sadly, I can't take credit for Novakula. Stole that from some other, lesser blog.

Otto Man said...

Think Progress points out that tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of that Presidential Daily Briefing titled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack U.S." Maybe they can fudge the date and deliver it to him again, see if he does anything different this time around.