Sunday, August 28, 2005

If Any Of You Homos Touch Me -- I'll Kill You

Gays don't scare me. Not in the least. Not their catty criticisms of my flannel shirts, my hair style (sans styling gel), my music with guitars and not techno beats, and my six-pack abs resembling a pony keg.

I guess they don't scare me because I'm NOT GAY. You can call me gay - won't make me gay. You can mock me for owning a Robbie Williams album - won't make me gay. I can hang out with gays, dance with them, work with them, play on a softball team with them. Still straight. Still boring, but still straight.

So, I have no frame of reference for how angrily anti-gay people can act. It makes no sense to me. I understand believing people can commit sins and may be doomed to Hell. But if this is your litmus test for protests, public speaking rallies, and allowing anger and fear to shape your opinion of your fellow man - adultery is a much clearer issue to rally around. Adultery is not dictated by your genetic code - clearly a personal / moral choice; adultery directly hurts loved ones and has a severely damaging impact to society; and adultery is actually one of the 10 Commandments.

So, if we have all this collective energy, time, and money to right the wrongs facing modern America - here are some different thoughts to consider: (1) start protesting outside divorce lawyers' offices with pictures of children crying all alone; (2) make divorce no longer recognized as a legal option (doesn't need to be outlawed, because this movement doesn't hate the sinner); and (3) threaten to held back Federal dollars to states which support divorce with family counseling, abuse shelters, and Boys/Girls Clubs.

Of course, you know, another option would be to love thy neighbor as thyself and put nothing ahead of worshiping your true God. Some dark-skinned, middle easterner with a criminal record once said that - so it's probably terrorist propaganda.

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Otto Man said...

The comedian Louis C. K. has a great bit in his recent HBO special about this. Did an impersonation of an anti-gay guy at home, walking around angry. "Aggggh, they're GAY! Somewhere out there, there are GAY people!"

Alright, it's funnier when it's not typed.