Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006: The Blurst of Times

Post op-ed writer Eugene Robinson has a fun look forward at the what he thinks will be the 10 biggest stories of '06. For example:
(3) Congress will soldier on in its brave attempt to spend and collect public funds without the use of a pocket calculator. It seems that whenever a senator or representative tries to bring one of those devices into the Capitol, it gets confiscated at the door. It's wartime, and simple addition can be a security risk -- to say nothing of multiplication. The only duty of Congress is to spend money as fast as the Chinese will lend it to us.
Funny cuz it's true. He goes on to cite a bunch of other nasty stuff congress and the White House will do, but he finishes up with the most accurate prediction of all:

(10) Americans will suddenly wake up and question the Bush administration about Iraq, about domestic spying, about global warming, about tax cuts. But just then, as the president fumbles for answers, a compelling news event will steal away the nation's attention.

Hard to believe, but another attractive young white woman will vanish.

It has been awhile, ya know.


Otto Man said...

That's some mighty nice snark, boys.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Can you imagine a life without Vick or Vick?

Someone please declare a war on dragged-out TV shows. Lost must end! and end well!

S.W. Anderson said...

Yep, another attractive white woman who's vanished, plus, of course the obligatory faith and/or family values-type wedge issue trotted out for election year '06.

What will it be? Scalito's appointment should make the abortion issue moot. The "culture of life" schtick was so dead on arrival it seems doubtful they'll try to resurrect it. They pretty much played out the string on gay marriage, especially considering how surprisingly quiet they've been about it since Bush got re-elected.

Hmm, that doesn't leave much. Maybe they'll have to go back to tarring the opposition as hate-America-first defeatists and pacifists.

Isaac Carmichael said...

It is pretty touching how God will rain down destruction on the poorest of us whenever W needs a little help in the polls. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

alex supertramp said...

mrsThous -- always enjoy a little Vick discussion but wasn't sure what you were inferring - I don't get the desire of Falcon's fans to trade Vick ..he's a franchise player, and while I'm not a huge Pro ball follower, the first one they’ve had in a while (I know I tune into Falcon's games now, but mainly because I keep hoping Vick strides out onto the field in a Ron Mexico jersey...and he's one of the most exciting players in the game today -- if they had an OL or a D) the games might be even more fun to watch, or maybe not....) as for the little bitch that is still in school, what a douchebag ... if he could get his head out of his ass he would be pretty good, maybe not any more consistent, but not such a schmuck. ...and don't you know, if Lost stops, they stop entering the code and well, you know, kablooowey! we all die, or get eaten by the electromagnetic monster, or wake up, or something....

Thrillhous said...

Mrs. T, get over it. Your boys are not better than the sesspool of a university that they went to.

SWA, I think the next big wedge issue will be immigration. I know, Bush has a plan that pisses off a lot of conservatives, but I think he'll change his tune. I suspect he'll try to hype the possible national security side of illegal immigration.

S.W. Anderson said...

thrillhous, that's a credible possibility, all right. I wonder if it will work, though. Best I can tell, Dems seem about as divided as Republicans concerning immigration, although for somewhat different reasons.

Otto Man said...

Immigration is one of Bush's personal issues, but I think if Rove's not in chains he'll advise against it. The Dems are poised to make nice pickups in the southwest, and a Republican president talking about amnesty and worker visas for illegals may not do much for their base.

And whatever counterweight they might have gained by reaching out to Latino voters in such states will evaporate the minute Rep. Tom Tancredo makes it to a mike. And make no mistake, he will make it to a mike.

It's got to be a cultural issue -- that's the wedge issue this administration has used as the pivot before, and they'll go there again. I don't think they've played out the Gay Card yet, since in their eyes that's the gift that keeps on giving. But I think we're due for some sort of antiabortion push -- a call for the Defense of Womb Babies, maybe.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Let's see what they try to sneak in while everyone's shrouded in the Torino Olympics! Visas for all, anywhere they want to be!

If a real issue was to be tackled (but it won't), I'd like the budget and trade deficits to be reduced. In the meantime, I'll learn all the Spanish that Sesame Street didn't teach me from my dishwashing liquid and feminine product labels.