Sunday, January 01, 2006

The State of the Raider Nation

Happy New Year to all!

For those who were out and being social last night, you may have missed a wonderful football game between the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders. Was it close? No. Did it have playoff implications or a rivalry bragging rights at stake? Not really.

It was simply fun to watch to turmoil among the Raider Nation.

For those who don't know about the Raider Nation - they are the "crazy fans" of the Oakland Raiders. They consider themselves the best fans for any sport anywhere and are ALMOST as obnoxious as Philly fans. They will throw beer (or worse) on you and apparently going to the bathroom in a port-a-potty is begging for a tip over.

But last night, with only half the stadium full, the Raiders' 6 foot 5 quarterback was stopped repeatedly from the one yard line in the 4th quarter - ending the season in a particularly insulting fashion at 4 and 12, just far enough to not get the Reggie Bush draft and still suck.

Editor's note - I fully recognize that the Falcons are massive disappointment and Vick will never be the quarterback we need him to be. Apparently, having back-to-back winning seasons is too much to ask for. And yes, the Braves will crush me again in 2006.


Otto Man said...

I greeted the New Year with a mild case of the flu, so I had the pleasure of watching the game -- instead of my original boring plan of seeing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! at Irving Plaza.

My favorite part was seeing some moron with his face painted like a skull, on the verge of tears. Suck it, assclown!

Studiodave said...

Disclosure: Ottoman is a Chiefs fan

Mr Furious said...

Chiefs, eh? How did THAT happen?

Studiodave said...

He cries like Dick Vermeil

Otto Man said...

Some are born to Chiefs fandom, some have Chiefs fandom thrust upon them. I had it mainlined in the crib.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Football? There was a Twilight Zone marathon on! I finally saw the Shatner/gremlin episode.

Oh yeah, go Skins. Hope there won't be any ruinous elbows this weekend.

Anonymous said...

YEEEEAAAAAAA GIANTS KICKED ASS! I was at that game proudly wearing my throw back mitchell & ness #56 Lawrence Taylor Jersey.With a clear rain suit over it ofcoarse(I said proudly not stupily) I've been to many Raider games do to the fact I live in the bay area and have many Raider fan friends.Yes every game I went to there has been fights.However the worst I got was a napkin thrown at me(dirty im sure) as i ran(stumbled drunk) up and down the stairs screaming "YEEEEAAAA TOUCHDOWN" alot of shit talking and alot of thumbs up from raider fans probally cuz of who it was.The savage the original "L.T."