Thursday, January 05, 2006

Leaking Everything

Like about 5 million other people, I live in a DC suburb and take the Metro in to work (Dupont Circle area, to be vaguely precise). Occassionally I'll see someone famous. Not hip famous (although Mrs. T did once see Rob Lowe and the crew from "West Wing" filming near Dupont), but wonky famous (I think I saw Joe Klein at my opthalmologists, but my pupils were way dilated). I see George Stephanopholous just about every month, for example (in case you're wondering, yes, he does look young; like a young person who has stayed up for 96 consecutive hours).

Today I was walking back from lunch, jaywalking as usual and thinking what a badass I was for jaywalking and what losers those guys on the far curb were, timidly waiting for the walk sign to tell them what to do, when I saw a familiar face among them: Colin Powell. I didn't look but for a second, figuring I'd be shot by the Secret Service if they caught me staring at him.

Colin was in the midst of the gaggle of waiters (I think they were all with him), conversing with some lady who was standing next to him. As I passed him I heard him say this, in response to an unheard question from the lady:
The CIA [garbled word, maybe two words] are leaking everything.
I'm absolutely sure he said "The CIA," and I'm 95% sure he said "are leaking everything." But I didn't hear anything else from him before or after, and the garbled word(s) could've been something like "says homos" for all I know.

If we pretend (PRETEND; do not construe this as fact) that I heard right and that the garbled word(s) didn't affect the meaning, it kinda makes you wonder what he was talking about. Seems to me the NSA spying thing would be at the top of the list.


Otto Man said...

Nice D.C. gossip there. Are you auditioning to replace Wonkette?

S.W. Anderson said...

From what I've read, the CIA has become a hotbed of very unahppy campers since Porter Goss took over.

Not that they were all that happy before, what with their previous boss being revealed as a clod. (His "slam dunk" pronouncement is right up there with "heckuva job, Browie" and "final throes.")

I wonder if those garbled words could've been "major domos." Just a guess.

Interesting, anyway.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

When I first passed by George S on his way to the gym, I couldn't believe how short he was (as in, not much taller than me). He reminded me of the Mad magazine guy.

T--if you get a jaywalking ticket, you can't pay it out of any joint accounts! DC is mean about them.

Thrillhous said...

I'm way too much of a badass to get a ticket for my badass jaywalking. But you're right, they are pretty militant about it in DC. The cops would step over a crack sale to get at a jaywalker (sadly, that's not a joke).

Yes, OM, you're on to me. Just call me wonker from now on.

There's also the chance that Colin Powell has named his dog CIA, and it is the dog that was leaking everything on his nice carpets.