Tuesday, January 24, 2006

That Boy's Got Boobies!!

We've all been embarassed by teachers before. Usually we bring it on ourselves by not doing our homework or falling asleep in class or, in the case of StudioDave, yelling "Star Wars!" as the answer to every question. I don't really have a problem with a teacher busting someone for misbehaving by using a little humor, even if it results in some embarassment for the wrongdoer.

Sometimes, however, the teach can go too far, as seems to have happened at Beaver Falls (insert joke here) high school.
When Joshua Vannoy, 17, a junior from Big Beaver [PA], walked into his honors ethnic relations class Friday and sat at his desk in preparation for a midterm exam, he was told by the teacher, John Kelly, to pick up his books.

Vannoy said it was all apparently over what he was wearing - a No. 7 jersey. . . carrying the logo of the opposing team [the Denver Broncos] set to face the Steelers in the weekend AFC Championship Game.

And because he wore it, Vannoy said he was told he had to lie on the carpeted floor inside a circle of desks if he wanted to get his test. Vannoy said other students were handed their tests; his was thrown at him. Papers flew everywhere, and even after he had them arranged, Vannoy said he was unable to concentrate.
At one point, Vannoy said Kelly handed out notebook paper for a second part of the test and told students to "throw the paper at the Denver fan."

My first response was, "What kind of idiot wears a Broncos jersey in diehard Steelers territory? Seems pretty stoopid to me." But then that annoying part of me that still has principles (847 more beers and it should be gone) piped up and said, "It's a freakin' shirt. Nobody should get that kind of treatment because of their shirt, let alone from a teacher." Once again, and to my utter dismay, the principle thingy won out.

Now that I have self-righteously condemned the teacher without hearing all the evidence (I'm assuming the boy's story is legit), I have to determine what punishment I would like to see meted out. Should the teacher be suspended? Fired? Anything like this ever happen to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

(No, Studiodave, "Star Wars!" does not count as a thought. Just make your "Big Beaver" joke and move on.)


Otto Man said...

First of all, thanks for the insight into your internal dialogue. I haven't enjoyed watching someone talk to himself this much since GOB last brought out his buddy Franklin.

Second, I can't say I ever had a teacher that bad. I'm pretty sure that schmuck should be fired. Or maybe they'll let him keep his job if he comes into work during the Super Bowl.

Thrillhous said...

Ha! Good idea about the Super Bowl. Maybe they should make him watch it in a roomful of convict Seahawks fans.He'd have to lie on the floor, of course.

Studiodave said...

Turns out the Bronco's fan is a Democrat who is a known troublemaker. Possibly gay, and combination was causing the teacher to have all those homoerotic thoughts. That and his gay porn at home. The kids lucky to have only been humiliated. If he had money on the Bronco's -3 THEN he would have really had it rough.

Otto Man said...

You bet your kids' college fund on the game, didn't you?