Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Et Tu Hoser?

With the results counted and concession speeches made, the Conservative party in Canada has won. Pre-emptive attempts to get the New Democrat party (Green / Socialist) to side with the Liberal party to avoid this have gone the way of Nader and Gore in 2000.

A couple of observations about our brothers’ election to the north:

(1) It was the corruption scandal (paying PR companies to spin positive stories among others) that ended the Liberal party’s 13 year reign. Kinda reminds me of another kind of “payoff” for better PR.

(2) The conservatives hijacked a Liberal party plan for raising healthcare and childcare funding and embraced it as part of their platform. Again, familiar.

(3) Conservatives promised “a new vigour in fighting crime and gang violence.” I know Bill Hicks already did this joke regarding violence in the UK without guns and the outbreak of “hooliganism” – but this pledge makes me smile. They are so cute when they take the streets back from "gangs" who stay out past curfew.

(4) Minority governments never last long since the first bump in the road will sway the fickle votes back. So the Liberals won’t be down long.

(5) Look for my man Ken Dryden (Stanley Cup winning goalie for the Montreal Canadians in the 1970’s) to lead them. He’s not quite polished like the normal politician -– but hey, it's Canada and hockey. Somethings are more important than politics.

Here's hoping America grows tired of corruption and offers its own regime change.

PS – Previous guidance on the outcome of the election was provided by my father. Apparently, the winters in PEI are getting to him. Luckily, IRod didn't wager this "lock" with Xmas money.

PPS – I bet the people who left the US after the 2nd Bush election feel pretty dumb about now.


Tokyo Joe said...

Actually, I could have predicited these results based only on the fact that Michael Moore wrote a snotty open letter to the Canadian people.

First off is the fact that no one likes to be told what to do by an outsider. A great example of this was that swing town in Ohio that a English newspaper thought it would be a great idea to have british citizens send them letters telling them not to vote for Bush. The results: the town went heavy Repub.

Second is the fact that Moore has never backed a winner. The man is political hemlock. Maybe it's his smugness and hypocrisy, but the majority of people don't want what he is selling.

Otto Man said...

I think you're overstating Moore's importance. I'm sure the letter didn't help, but from what I've read and heard, I think the corruption and incompetence angles were much more important to Canadians.

Tokyo Joe said...

I think you are right Otto Man about the corruption and incompetence, but I use Moore as a political dousing rod. I don't think he has all that much pull, but he makes the worst of what he does have.