Sunday, January 08, 2006

Insane in the Membrane

If you want to touch base with the insanity of the Global Struggle against Islamocooties, check out this post over at TBogg's place.

The springboard for the post is the OCD obsession that blogger Alec Rawls has with the crescent-shaped memorial to the victims of the Flight 93 hijacking and crash on 9/11, which he believes is a secret homage to Islam and an effort to plant the evil seed of Muslim culture on our very shores. As Rawl's original post makes clear, he is so far into tinfoil-hat territory that he probably believes that the tinfoil hat itself is part of the grand conspiracy. (Seriously, think about it, people. Why do they call it Reynolds' Wrap, unless they want to wrap up our freedom to enjoy the fine work of Burt Reynolds and lock it in a freezer of Islamofascist aggression?)

Anyway, TBogg made a reference to Rawls' Beautiful Mind scribblings and then, to prove he wasn't insane or obsessive, Rawls made about four dozen posts in the comments section. Even with all my powers of sarcasm, I can't do the craziness justice, so you'll just have to go read it yourself.

What's sad here is that this Islamofascist-obsessed Rawls is actually the son of the legendary egalitarian philosopher John Rawls. Although his thinking bears about as much resemblence to John Rawls as his crooning abilities compare to the dearly departed Lou Rawls. I guess the reason gene skips a generation.


Isaac Carmichael said...

Salaam aleichem, everybody!!!

Damn, I shouldn't have looked at that picture of the proposed I can't stop ululating!

Thrillhous said...

Clearly, a disgrace to the entire Rawls family. At least Lou sold 40 million albums.

Otto Man said...

Alec Rawls is still producing hits, too. It's just that his are increasingly pathetic posts in the TBogg comments.

So sad.

Mr Furious said...

Okay guys, I haven't followed this TOO closely. And I am sure this guy is a wingnut, but I honestly can understand why people have a problem with a memorial that, intentionally or not, resembles a red crescent more than anything else.

From the air.

Memorializing an airplane crash.

It might be a wonderful vision, it might be a grand memorial. I am an artist, and I can relate to a "vision" beyong the traditional — and I certainly don't thing a big cement slab, an eternal flame or any statue is necessarily the way to go — but a crescent shape made of RED trees?

And counting the hijackers among the victims?

Like I said, I haven't followed it, and this Rawls guy and othe LGFers on the right might be delusional, but at a glance, they have a point. Or at least reason to question...

Otto Man said...

Well, the hijackers aren't counted among the victims. That's purely Rawls' own conspiracy conjecture, in that he counts not just the 40 blocks with the names of the victims inscribed, but 4 others that bookend the aisles and, in his eyes, therefore represent the bad guys. This is much like his claim that the crescent somehow points directly to Mecca, which is true if by "points" you mean "I can find a way to draw a line between the two" and if by "directly" you mean "within 230 miles"

Ultimately, I think the main thing to remember is that the victims' families have had all this conspiracy theory and coincidence pointed out to them and they just don't care. They want this memorial, period.

Rawls and his kind are meddling in what should be the grief of these families, and that alone should be reason for them to STFU. The fact that he's batshit crazy is just icing on the cake.

ORF said...

Wow, that shit is kind of nuts. As is Mr. Rawls.

But here's what really gets my goat: does Rawls reside in/around NYC? Is anyone who is making idiotic conjectures about the memorial from NYC (or the surrounding suburban areas that readily have access to the city)? Because the truth is that if you were not here that day, even if you live here now, you really don't have much of a leg to stand on in helping to determine what the memorial should or should not represent.

I hate to sound like a complete a-hole, but I am really just plain tired of the rest of the fucking country trying to appropriate 9/11 to represent "America's struggle for freedom" because the truth is that most people HATE NEW YORKERS or at least admit to thinking we are all very "weird." What is more, New Yorkers are the ones who don't really buy that bullshit anyway. I'm free, you're free, we're all effing FREE. And if someone thinks that knocking a couple of buildings down is even remotely a threat to this country or an excuse to go to war, well, that too is nuts.

Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest...

Otto Man said...

I'm with you ORF. I love being told by people in the middle of nowhere that I "don't understand 9/11." I think I understand it better than they do, since their understanding revolves around a six-year-old's theory that "they hate us for our freedom."

I also love the fact that these people in bumfuck are the ones pushing this country to lash out blindly and stir up more terrorism, terrorism which in all likelihood is going to hit the places where I live and not, say, suburban Des Moines.

Anonymous said...

Wow - it's OK to knock down two of the largest buildings in the world, kill 2,500 people, and then laugh at all of the relatives and neighbors of those you killed?

Cool - this IS a great country I guess.

Thinking that you represent the majority of people in our country is crazy. Ludicrous, even. And if you're on a subway that gets blown to high heaven, you can blame it on me. I live in the burbs of big city and I do blame the radicals of the muslim world for this. And yes, I'll pray my Roman Caholic Rosary for you.