Friday, January 27, 2006

State of the Union

If you'd like a sneak peak of the State of the Union address, check out this dress rehearsal over at MyDD.

They apparently use understudies for the dry run, but they're pretty solid. The guy filling in for the president is damn good, especially in the part about Super Jesus. And I like that the Hastert stand-in has a year's supply of Twizzlers.


Yossarian said...

I liked when the Cheney stand in gave the finger to Kerry about half way through - very realistic.

Otto Man said...

Almost as realistic as the heart attack he suffers at the end.

Good to see you, Yos. Have you been going on bombing runs the last few weeks?

TravisG said...

They should use this (admittedly made-up, but not so far-fetched) guy:

Bush has appeared loose and confident during the unscripted appearances, and at a Missouri event he handed the microphone to one surprised man in the audience, who answered questions for an hour while the president loafed offstage, munching an apple.

Otto Man said...

I loved that bit, Travis. Hysterical.

I tried to leave a witty comment there yesterday, but your blog apparently thought I wasn't good enough and wouldn't let it post.