Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Greased Lightning

Some interesting news from the heartland:
WESTERVILLE, Ohio (AP) -- A high school lunch period was disrupted Monday by a greased, naked student who ran around screaming and flailing his arms until police twice used a stun gun on him, authorities said.

Taylor Killian, 18, had rubbed his body with grapeseed oil to keep from being caught, and got up after the first time he was shocked to continue running toward a group of frightened students huddled in a corner at Westerville North High School, Lt. Jeff Gaylor said.

"That prank went a little farther than he intended, I guess," Gaylor said.
While CNN was unable to provide video of the incident, we here at LLatPoN have the goods. Watch the greased-up insanity here.


Thrillhous said...

Not a fan of that show, but that was pretty funny.

sideshow bob said...

Yet another example of how Fox is corrupting our youth.

Otto Man said...

Yet another example of how Fox is corrupting our youth.

If only Fox News would pick up the cause of denouncing this filth. Rupert Murdoch should really tear Rupert Murdoch a new one.

Mike said...

Maybe I'm just one o' them librulz, but why exactly did they have to shoot him with a stun gun?

Ok, he was naked, he was greased. But who's lives was he threatening?