Thursday, January 18, 2007


The mean old blogosphere normally mocks political pundits for acting as if they were the eye-rolling, back-stabbing, empty-headed, spoiled little shits from the classic teen film Heathers. Well, thanks to Kevin Drum, I'm proud to report that Newsweek's Howard Fineman has apparently decided to take this wonderful trend of political-journalism-as-high-school-gossip to new and exciting depths.

I'd have to say that Fineman's latest column is the single shallowest bit of political commentary I've ever read. I wouldn't be surprised if he had text messaged the column from a matinee showing of Code Name: The Cleaner and had his editors remove all the "sux" and "pwned!" comments before putting it to print.

Nice work, Howie! But I think yer mom is here to pick you up, dood.


Thrillhous said...

So, does this mean Hillary wouldn't go to the dance with Howie?

Otto Man said...

Clearly. He's the Milhouse to her Lisa.

No offense, Thrill.

Mike said...


S.W. Anderson said...

O.M., I'm with you. What a sophomoric piece of crap.

What do you suppose Fineman makes to keep turning this bilge out?

Otto Man said...

Be sure to read (and add to) the comments over at Fineman's column. He's getting a well-deserved wedgie.

Otto Man said...

Not surprisingly, Digby has a great slamdown.