Tuesday, January 30, 2007

History Lesson

If you're the type who pieces together your knowledge of American history from the trivia questions on oatmeal packets and the comic misstatements of our current president, you should click on the video above to get some insight into the awesome world of J.F.K. It's from the same folks who gave you the inside scoop on Washington.


Nor said...

Screw that oatmeal packet misinformation, I get it from sugar packets.

"If I may, Helen, I'd like to respond to that question with yet another flip remark."

Otto Man said...

Dammit, I can't believe I messed that one up.

So much shame.

Otto Man said...

Adding to my shame -- I got corrected by a goddamned conjunction.

And not even one of the big ones! I could take this backtalk from And. Nor? He's a second stringer.

Mike said...

Well, at least we know what Nor's function is.