Monday, January 08, 2007

"I Like My Beer Cold, My TV Loud, and My Homosexuals Faa-laaaaaming"

Over at the With Leather, best sports blog named after a Chris Berman pickup line, I stumbled across a YouTube video so surreal, so hilarious, and so disturbing that I've decided I can't even steal it for our place. You'll just have to go there yourself and check it out.

With Leather titles it "The Gayest Thing You'll See All Day," but I bet this one holds the title all year long.


Mike said...

What's in the water today??? Is this what happens when Tom Brady wins these days?

That New Zealand guy's routine is . . . interesting.

Otto Man said...

Malibu Stacy and I watched it and were alternately impressed at the physical strength and freaked out by the faaaaaaaabulous dance routine.

The Doc said...

I can't even watch the whole thing. The whole slow motion gymnastics's just too creepy. And that Madonna song just makes it even MORE creepy.