Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This was my first experience with Paul Hackett. Looks to me like the Dems really screwed the pooch on this one.


Yossarian said...

Wha, wha, wha, what?!!!! No, The real story is that Paul Hackett saw that he was 20 points behind DeWine in a recent poll AND he had no money AND he was facing a beloved democrat with 15 years of elected service to the Party in the primary.

He is a grown man complaining that he dropped out of a race that he thought he could win because another man told him to drop out. I am calling shenanigans on him. He thought he could raise the money and when he realized that this wasn't in a special election and that not everybody was paying attention to him, he quit and decided to piss on everybody in the Democratic Party.

He is so full of crap, his eyes are brown.

Otto Man said...

Yeah, I liked Hackett a lot, but he's rolling out the waaaamublance on this one.

The DC Dems tried to get him to run for the Senate, he waffled, and Brown made noises about coming in. Only when that seemed imminent did Hackett jump in. He only has himself to blame.

They also tried to recruit him for a rematch with Mean Jean in OH-2 and he blew them off. Whatever.

Still, that is one funny Daily Show clip.

Isaac Carmichael said...

Meh...the Democratic Party needs to be pissed on! Or pissed off, or something!

Mr Furious said...

Yeah, they screwed the pooch. The Party should have made goddamn sure they did something to accomodate a guy like Hackett. Period.

That's not to say bypassing Brown for the Senate run, but as soon as Hackett fell short in the race against Schmidt, they should have locked him up for the re-match. And there is no excuse for the vascillating support from the Party in the Senate run. They should have had Brown ready to go and used it to keep Hackett in his House race.

Hackett would likely have beaten Schmidt the second time around, and then would be poised to take on Voinovich next time out. If Brown defeated DeWine this fall as well, that's a pick-up in each chamber now, and excellent positioning for next time.

In short, after what has transpired over the last week or two, who would you rather have in the Senate—Paul Hackett or Sherrod Brown?

Brown might be an excellent candidate with a stellar lib record, but he is not lighting anybody on fire, and I have NO doubt Hackett would be right alongside Feingold. No doubt at all. Can you say the same about Brown?

Yeah, Hackett is displaying some sour grapes, and a bit of impetulence, but frankly, the Party needs him more than vice versa. Hackett is the testicular implant that the Dems need, and instead, we ran him off.

Mr Furious said...

Oh, and about the Daily Show clip...brilliant. And Hackett was every bit as good as Helms. A real fucking guy. Imagine that.

Russ Feingold is just about the only thing I feel good about right now.

Yossarian said...

Okay, let's get some things straight:

1. Hackett was first asked to run again against Scmidt. A guy who has never been elected to anything beyond Milford City Council all of sudden was too good for Congress and had to be a senator.

2. Hackett is an arrogant jackass. He shows the maturity of a spoiled four year old. He has spent the past month tearing down the party that he said he beieved in because he did not get his way.

3. I would much rather have Brown than Hackett anyday representing me. Hackett has been around for seven months. Brown has been a great rep for 15 years.

Hackett is so full of crap, his breath stinks.

Mr Furious said...


Fair points. Hackett has behaved like a sore loser/baby. That does not reflect well on his demeanor should he have reached office. It boils down to this: I'M SICK TO FUCKING DEATH OF BUSINESS-AS-USUAL DEMOCRATS!!!

That is NOT a reflection on Brown. At all. I have NO problem with Brown. But until this unravelling, I have LOVED everything I have seen and read on Hackett. I know he is not perfect, but after years of politicians trying too hard to be perfect, I was excited for some rough edges.

And I mean what I say regarding the Feingold Resolution. I will be shocked if he isn't hung out to dry by the other Democrats. I beleive that a guy like Hackett would be going to the mattresses on this one.

And guess what. These days, being around for only seven months is a GOOD thing.

Otto Man said...

As far as Feingold goes, be sure to keep the pressure up with phone calls and emails. I've done both with my senators.

Harkin has come out to support him, and hopefully others will follow.

grandpaboy said...


Sherrod Brown is a beloved Democrat?
Not where I live.

Hackett acted like a jerk after he left the race, but there's plenty of blame to go around. Not that you make any mention of it. Nor do you make any mention of Brown being down 16 points to DeWine.

This all got done to death in February, but revisionist-animal hybrids just creep me out.