Friday, March 17, 2006

Web Gems

You all appear entirely too productive. I have the cure. I have found a website (CinemaNow) with free movies. No, they are not good; but something to explore.

For example, "Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls - Guest star Michael Jackson."

Here is a little more: The comedic story of "Miss Cast Away" takes off like a 747 when a plane load of beauty contestants are transported from the United States to Japan for the Miss Galaxy Pageant. Unfortunately, the flight goes awry when the plane goes off course and crash lands on a deserted island. This in-your-face comedy......AND . . . in a rare and unique film appearance, pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON is featured as secret Agent M.J. who's sent in a beam of light to help guide the castaways to their ultimate rescue.

Also in the mix:

Peter Rottentail (NR) "On a dark and stormy night, Peter Rottentail was born. Part man, part rabbit... all evil. James and Lenny thought they were fixing up a relatives newly purchased house but what they got was a weekend of horrors!

Sorority Girl's Revenge (NR) Two guys and their dog are hiding out at this desert sorority retreat when it's suddenly invaded by four cute sorority pledges, sent there by their mean, but foxy, pledgemaster. Of course, they guys peek! And, of course, they get caught

Scent of Vengeance (NR) When the army slaughters a village of innocent civilians, in retaliation for them having burned their oil operations, Jesse is forced to choose between justice, his job, and the woman he loves.
Starring: James Brolin,


Isaac Carmichael said...

Oh no....Not Lenny!!!

pissed off patricia said...

Are these for real or for real bad? :)

I liked the irish joke you told yesterday on another site.