Thursday, March 16, 2006

Making Censure

According to a new poll by American Research Group, voters support the idea of censuring President Bush over the illegal warrantless wiretapping by a margin of 48%-43%. As Kevin Drum notes, the most surprising bit here is the fact that even 29% of Republicans support censure.

Let that sink in. 29% of Republican voters support the idea, while about 7% of Democratic senators do.

Update: From Kos, I'm proud to report that Sen. Feingold is rubbing these polls in the faces of the press:
FEINGOLD: It seems to me appropriate, when the spin machines are out there and people are using various language, to come out and reiterate my reasons for doing this.

I think that the press decided immediately that somehow this was a bad thing for Democrats and a good thing for conservatives. The facts don't bear it out. You don't have the polls to prove it. The way my colleagues are responding to me suggests to me they're thinking about this, that they feel that there has to be some accountability.
They're thinking about this, waiting to see what their constituents think. Be sure to give your senators a call and urge them to grow a spine. You can find the direct number for every senator's office here.

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Isaac Carmichael said...

Luckily, I'm from Russ's state, so I only had to contact one senator...what a time saver!