Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sports Book

Thanks to Pete Smith, I'm happy to bring you this fantastic website which offers a rundown of political contributions made by major sports figures in the years since 1978.

There's a lot of fascinating stuff in there. Personally, I'm saddened to see that my beloved Chiefs' Super Bowl Coach Hank Stram, for instance, only gave a lousy $200 in his life -- to the Republican National Committee in '92. I guess those toupees are more expensive than they look.

Also, after taking a look at how much NBA Commissioner David Stern has given to Democrats, I am hereby retracting everything bad I've ever said about the league. I am reserving my remarks about Kazaam, however.


Yossarian said...

Call Ripley's - all the NASCAR guys only give to the GOP.

Otto Man said...

Yeah, I was absolutely floored by that revelation. Maybe they took the GOP appeal to "NASCAR Dads" a little too literally.

Noah said...

Jermome Bettis? Jerome Bettis???? $2,000 to W???

And Lee Corso $1300 to the Dems???

I don't want Lee in my camp. He hates the Big 10 too much. I'll gladly trade a Lee Corso for a Jerome Bettis.

On another note, the Rs can KEEP Don King. But the Ds losy Gordie Howe. Breaks my heart a little.

And I see Martina Navathrilova has a HUGE giving history..quite impressive actually, including a gift to one of Michigan's own, Debbie Stabenow.

Thrillhous said...

That list is awesome!

One thing about NASCAR - many fans hate Jeff Gordon and suspect that he's gay (don't know which came first, the hating or the gayness suspicions). So instead of calling them "NASCAR dads," we should just call them "Little Jeff Gordons." They'll love that.

Otto Man said...

I felt the same wat about Corso and Bettis, Smitty. Maybe we can work out a hostage swap.

Tom Hilton said...

I see Pete Rose didn't give to anybody. Guess he couldn't get the right odds.

Otto Man said...

The site has pages for other careers as well. The "celebrities" one is predictably pro-Democratic, but some of the figures in there are stunning.

Movie producer Steve Bing has not only given $10 mil. to Democrats, but he's also slept with Elizabeth Hurley. This from the man who brought us "Kangaroo Jack" and "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World." You think he'd need to keep his money.

Thrillhous said...

Nice one, Hilton!

TravisG said...

Those are fascinating figures. No shocker that A-Rod is a Republican, but Oscar de la Hoya is a Democrat???