Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Looks like we've decided to celebrate the third anniversary of Operation Never-Ending War Story with a recreation of how it all began:
The U.S. military said on Thursday it launched its biggest air offensive in Iraq since the 2003 invasion to root out insurgents near a town where recent violence raised fears of civil war.

A military statement said the operation involving more than 50 aircraft and 1,500 Iraqi and U.S. troops as well as 200 tactical vehicles targeted suspected insurgents operating near the town of Samarra, 100 km (60 miles) north of Baghdad.

The statement said "Operation Swarmer" was launched on Thursday morning and is "expected to continue for several days as a thorough search of the objective area is conducted."
Uh, "Operation Swarmer"? Is this somehow a tribute to this lousy Smarch weather?


sideshow bob said...

I acn't wait til next year's anniversary party. I hear Rove will be tying balloon animals!

Otto Man said...

The twist is that he'll be doing it with the intestines of a suspected terrorist.