Thursday, March 16, 2006


Apparently, Jessica Simpson has refused to visit the White House for fears of politicizing her charity.

For some reason, I'm reminded that during the last ill-fated war faced by this country, Lyndon Johnson's White House was similarly snubbed by such literary giants as Arthur Miller and Robert Lowell.

Looks like once again a wartime administration has been dismissed by its intellectual superiors.

(Link and snark correction courtesy of tehl4m3.)


sideshow bob said...

I'm scared...Jessica Simpson is making sense!

Otto Man said...

Yes, that's right -- the woman who can't tell the difference between chicken and tuna can tell the difference between Bush and a good leader.

Between this and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill calling out the prez over Katrina, it looks like the next Bush celebrity event will involve the banjo boy from "Deliverance."

peb said...

When I first read this, I misread the last word in the first sentence. I thought it said "chastity". But then I re-read "Jessica Simpson" and I came to my senses quickly. Hoo-hah!