Friday, March 31, 2006

Running Out the Clock

Well, this is depressing:
So rapid is the rise of the US national debt, that the last four digits of a giant digital signboard counting the moving total near New York's Times Square move in seemingly random increments as they struggle to keep pace.

The national debt clock, as it is known, is a big clock. A spot-check last week showed a readout of 8.3 trillion -- or more precisely 8,310,200,545,702 -- dollars ... and counting. But it's not big enough.

Sometime in the next two years, the total amount of US government borrowing is going to break through the 10-trillion-dollar mark and, lacking space for the extra digit such a figure would require, the clock is in danger of running itself into obsolescence.
I'm starting to wonder if Bush thinks about the national debt like it's the mileage on an old Plymouth. He thinks that if he can just run it up high enough, the odometer will roll over and he'll be back at zero.


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Someone call all of those Y2K consultants!